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Why Seanol Anti V

Highly Active, Dietary Safe, Wide-Scope

Multi-components of natural antiviral molecules extracted from brown algae provide highly active, dietary safe and wide-scope protection.

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Daily Life with Seanol Anti V

Seanol Anti V makes life easier

Thanks to the 1.7 billion-year-old antiviral technology of brown algae, Seanol Anti V can make life easier
in various ways during the current and future pandemics.


Origin of SEANOL®

SEANOL® is a registered trade name of Botamedi Inc. and Simply Healthy Inc. that represents dietary brown algal extracts rich in eckols.

  • From brown algae of Ecklonia and Eisenia Species
  • Phlorotannin-rich dietary extract
  • Authorized as an NDI (US) and NFI (EU)
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Antiviral Activity of SEANOL®

Seanol is rich in phlorotannins, especially in various eckols that have shown highly active and wide-scope antiviral activities with excellent compatibility with healthy cells.

Eckols' extraordinary antiviral activities cover Coronaviruses, Influenza and HIV viruses. Their antiviral mode of action include anti-infection, anti-replication and anti-proliferation depending on the type of eckols and viral species.
Brown algae thrived
1700 m years
Antiviral Discovery in
Discovered molecules


Registered trade name of Botamedi Inc that represents a completely standardized dietary extract of Ecklonia cava rich in phlorotannins.

New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Authorized
US FDA authorized the use of the "Ecklonia cava extract" that meets the specification of Botamedi's SEAPOLYNOL® (a.k.a.,SEANOL®-P) as a new dietary ingredient (NDI).
Novel Food Ingredient (NFI) Authorized
EU authorized the use of "Ecklonia cava phlorotannins" that meets the specification of Botamedi's SEAPOLYNOL® (a.k.a.,SEANOL®-P) as a novel food ingredient (NFI)

Molecular Structures of
Eckols in Seanol®

Eckols' extraordinary antiviral activities come from their unique molecular structural motifs derived from a special type of oligomerization of Phloroglucinol

Biosynthesis of such special molecular structures are only conducted by brown algae such as the Ecklonia and Eisenia species.

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